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Best Domain Forums

There are tons of different domaining forums out on the web today. If you’ve never joined one then you’re definitely missing out on a ton of good fun and knowledge. Forums are an excellent way for people to ask questions, share knowledge and pass by some of the time. The biggest issue I find with forums is that they can be very hit-or-miss. Some forums have hundreds of thousands of members and are constantly active – while others may only have a few thousand members with little to no activity at all. For those that sell services such as web hosting, software or scripts it can be important to join and participate in every niche related forum you come across. Notice I didn’t say Spam – I said Participate! Those of you who sell products and services such as web hosting or scripts should create a nicely designed avatar and upload it to all your profile on each forum you register with. Along with that, add a signature link to your services as well (if allowed). By doing this and making some quality posts on all of these forums it can make for great exposure and extra traffic. On the other hand, those of you who are looking to purchase domains, participate in discussions and ask questions, It’s probably a good idea to pass on the less active forums. You may post a question about something and not get an answer for days or even weeks! That’s why I’ve laid out my personal list of the most active domain forums in 2013. These are the forums you wanna join if you’re serious about domaining. These are where you’ll find good knowledge along with good fun!

DNForum – DNForum (DNF) is a great domain related forum that is quite active. The forum offers free and paid memberships with a variety of different categories to buy, sell and discuss everything from Short domains to IDN domains. The forum isn’t as popular as some of the others – But the members are the best in the biz. Anyone who is really into domaining has an account at DNF!

NamePros – NamePros (NP) is one of the most active domaining forums on the web today. It was purchased by Bodis a couple years back and continues to grow everyday. This forum is a little more active than DNF, but contains allot more newbies than it’s biggest competitor. Although I miss some of the old live auctions they used to have it’s still a great place to signup and discuss domaining.

DigitalPoint – DigitalPoint is another good forum to signup with. Be more cautious when conducting business on this board as it’s had a bad reputation in the past for more scammers than the forums I listed above. Although this forum isn’t dedicated to just domaining, it does have domain related sections including buy, sell, appraise and discuss. This forum is great for all around webmasters and not just domainers.

V7N – V7N is similar to DigitalPoint with a smaller number of members. Although this forum does have some domain related categories, it’s targeted more towards webmasters and website owners rather than just domainers and investors.

DomainState – DomainState is another great forum dedicated to the world of domaining. Although it’s not as popular as NP or DNF it does get allot of regular activity. Keep in mind this forum is more strict about “advertising” and doesn’t allow avatars, signature links and some other stuff.

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