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How to improve your Google Adwords Quality Score

How to improve your Google Adwords Quality Score

When managing a Google AdWord Campaign one of the first and most important things to check is the Quality Score for chosen keywords.

Keyword Quality Score is an estimation of how relevant finds a visitor/user your ad, keywords and landing page.
The higher the QS the better is the ad served by Google Adwords and the better are the chances for you to convert at the minimum cost and effort.

Google rewards for having a better Keyword Quality Score

  • It makes easier and cheaper for your chosen keywords to enter the ad auction
  • It lowers your Click Per Cost(CPC) rates making your campaigns cheaper to run
  • It lowers the first page bid estimates making it easier for you to reach the 1st results page for a keyword when you start running that specific ad
  • It lowers the first positions bid estimates giving you the chance to reach the top ads position for a lower cost than if you had a low QS
  • It makes much easier for your ads to show on the 1st ad positions of the google search results page

That said everyone using Google Adwords will eventually try to find out ways to improve their Google Ads Quality Score, below you are going to read a simple but efficient way to start working and eventually improving your keywords QS.

Google AdWords quality score “sauce” is made up by many “ingredients” as TanmayArora, a performance specialist with the Google AdWords Team, reports in her latest article Ingredients of the Quality Score sauce.

Keyword Quality Score Guide

  • Even though many of you would think that relevance of a keyword is mostly determined by how many times is used or written in the target landing page the truth is that keyword relevance is mostly related on how many people click on the ad when they search that specific keywords. Landing page or content can’t be visible to user before making that click so its easy to understand that the ad itself plays a bigger role in the Keyword Quality Score.
  • When starting an Ad Campaign a QS is attached to your keywords based on the historical performance on Google AdWord index, once your newly created ad starts showing and generates statistics then AdWords will gradually replace its Historical QS with the real one based on your ad and keyword performance.
  • The most important ingredient to the Keyword Quality Score is the Click Through Rate(CTR) of your keyword(s), the higher the CTR is then the higher your QS will go. As TanmayArora reports Google calculates the CTR of your ad based on how your exact match “keyword” performs since they find it easier to track and more trustworthy as a metric in general.
  • As your Ad impressions number builds up then the CTR factor plays a bigger role in defining Quality Score.
  • Organic Rankings don’t affect a keywords QS

Keyword Quality Score Tips

  • Based on the Guide above one can easily understand that its very important to experiment with your keywords using the exact match search query terms and keep experimenting for a good number of impressions in order to give enough data to Google to calculate your Quality Score.
  • Historical Keyword Quality Score is calculated using the average CTR from all accounts and that applies also to non english keywords that may not have historical search CTR.
  • Appropriate Landing Page is still an important side factor for calculating QS

The ultimate guide to advanced Google AdWords techniques(2nd Edition) by AdWords expert Brad Geddes

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