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How to improve your Google Adwords Quality Score

When managing a Google AdWord Campaign one of the first and most important things to check is the Quality Score for chosen keywords. Keyword Quality Score is an estimation of how relevant finds a visitor/user your ad, keywords and landing page.The higher the QS the better is the ad served by Google Adwords … [Read more...]

Heartless Computers or Impassioned Writers: Which Would You Choose?

Back in the 1960s there was a prime time animated TV series known as "The Jetsons." As a child I remember being fascinated with the families made; a robot seemingly intelligent enough to take the place of a human maid in every aspect. Alongside "The Jetsons" there was a whole laundry list of television … [Read more...]

5 Tips Writing Catchy Articles

If you’re publishing content online then it’s pretty clear that you want to be noticed. We all write to get attention; we don’t do it to be lavished with praise (well, not all of us), and we definitely don’t do it to be criticized – we simply write to be read and the more people that read our work the … [Read more...]

8 ways to successfully promote an affiliate offer

No matter what your blog is about tech,lifestyle, marketing etc. there is alway a time where you want to try an affiliate offer in order to give valuable content to your readers and make some money out of it too. Below you can read 8 ways for successfully promoting an affiliate offer, read them, twist them … [Read more...]