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10 Free High Page Rank Directories for your blog or website(UPDATED)

High PR directories to submit your blog or websiteHigh pagerank directories

10 March 2013 Update:
2 more
Directories added

This is got to be the No1 trick in the book of SEO for every Webmaster novice or experienced. If you want to get your blog or website known on the web then first thing you need to do is to submit its url into related website directories.

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For your convenience I’ve put up a small list of 10 High PR Directories just for you, only to do is find the right category and submit your website or blog.

  1. ScrubTheWeb PR6
  2. On Top List PR6
  3. SoMuch PR6
  4. ASR PR5
  5. oneMission PR5
  6. IllumiRate PR5
  7. Add Your Blog PR5
  8. ExactSeek PR5
  9. Web World PR5
  10. Anoox PR4

ps: The higher the Pagerank a website has the more value it gives to the backlink that refers to your website or blog.


  1. After Google updated Panda , does directory still work?

  2. Hi Konrad!
    Of course it works, it was and still is one of the best way to make your website known to Google and internet users. Old school always work.

    What does not work is spamming directories, blog comment section, forums with worthless websites.

    If you submit your website to a thousand directories in a week time then Panda will take over.
    If you are careful and list your website in related directory categories while at the same time you have valuable content then you have nothing to worry about.

    Directories are not the only way to make your website known but imo is still the basic one.

  3. Hello Dear Author, Thanks doe publishing this list of high pagerank directories. I have submitted my blog in almost all of them. Now lets see what changes come to my blog.
    Thanks again.
    With Regards.
    Gurjit Singh Khehra.

  4. You must do more than that in order to see some drastic changes.

  5. Thanks for making this useful list of some very good page rank directories.

  6. irfan korai says

    here we go a free directory find out here

  7. Hi Irfan.
    Directory you posted has a PR of 2 atm so I doubt it will generate any interest.
    Anyway thanks for stopping by 🙂

  8. Thanks for the list! Extremely helpful!

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