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Typography, web designer’s secret weapon

Most advanced and experienced web designers know that there is a special design element that can make the difference in their work in just a few minutes, that is Typography!

Typography is one of the few elements that can make such a difference over a small amount of time for both web designers and front end users. It can be used in many ways, for example by using the right fonts that will help creating a logotype that will help making your site brandable, easy to remember and distribute.
It can make boring text look appealing, help your visitors stay longer on your site(decreasing bounce rates) and make them read the content you really care about(increasing conversions).

Even though typography is easy to be used and applied in just a few hours you really need to dedicate lots of time choosing the right combination of fonts, size, leading, tracking and kerning, measure, hierarchy and scale.

Below I’m attaching a list that will help you learn more about Typography and how it can be applied on your website for giving your visitors a better experience while browsing your website or blog.

Typography and Fonts

FontSquirrel, Free fonts with commercial use licences
MyFonts Font Resource
Adobe Typekit for using real fonts on your website

Typography Resources

A shared encyclopedia of Typefaces
A Typographical related blog
All about fonts
Some of the best free fonts available atm
Typefaces community website
A huge typography archive

Typography Tutorials

Web Typography
Typography for responsive design
Make elegant headers
Watercolor Typography using Photoshop
Tasty illustration typography
Ice Text Effects
Milk Typography effect using Photoshop
Design your own headline typeface
InDesign striking typography poster using glyphs
Create quick and easy animated lettering
Use grids for creating strong typography layouts
Create your own typographic logomark

Twitter accounts to follow for Typography


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