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Snatcher Sells for $4,250

I’m a domain fanatic who loves to chase expired domain names and write code. It took me months to finish and release my personal domain drop catching software (DesktopCatcher) which will assist with drop catching expired domains. Now, it’s no surprise that I have an account at most of the domain forums online and love to lurk around popular marketplace sites like Flippa to see what kind of deals are out there and how the reseller market is doing overall price wise. A couple weeks ago I was surprised to see a competitor of mine selling off his entire drop catching network. This after just a few months ago he was announcing a complete revamp of his website scripts and services.

Although I don’t usually place bids for domains and websites, I was really tempted this time around. I’ve never had the ability or real opportunity to buy out a competitor in this relatively small industry. Unfortunately, I’m not a rich man and didn’t have mid-$XXXX lying around to make a bid. The auction finished (meeting the reserve) and selling for approximately $4,250. A really good deal for the buyer IMO!

So what website and network am I referencing here? It would be the Flippa auction for DropCatches.com (AKA: Snatcher.Org)

The highest bidder was getting a fantastic deal with multiple domains, apps and websites included in the sale. Although the network has taken some heat in the past, it could be re-vamped and sculpted into something new and even better than before. Although it would have been a wonderful addition to my current network, I have to give a big congrats to the new owner! They got a great deal and as the competition, I will be anxious to see what is in store for Snatcher now.

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