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Some Current Domain Sales (2013)

This year has been a killer in domain sales! Many of the domain auction companies out there like Sedo and DomainNameSales have been claiming really nice commission cash from some premium domains. To make things even better for domain investors, some of these top sales have come from non-dotCom extensions. It’s always a great sign to see other extensions selling for five figures! Below I will summarize some of the top domain sales so far in 2013. If you want to see the entire list then visit the DNJournal Year to Date Sales Chart and keep updated with the sales list all year long.

Mojo.com – $300,000 – DomainAdvisors
Apuestas.com (“best” in spanish) – $221,100 – Sedo
Estate.com – $165,000 – UpMarketDNS
Mobile.xxx – $160,000 – UpMarketDNS
Partners.com – $125,000 – Sedo
Torrents.com – $112,651 – Sedo
Banque.com – $91,210 – Sedo
ULive.com – $75,000 – Afternic
CellphoneCases.com – $75,000 – DomainNameSales
Pay.co – $46,087 – Sedo
ITV.org – $26,900 – Sedo
Connect.tv – $25,000 – Sedo

Lets hope that sales like this continue throughout the year! At this current time, your domain would have to sell for at least $18,000 in order to make the Year to Date sales chart. These kinda of numbers should make any domain investor excited!

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