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.TV registration promotion from Verisign

.tv domainsVerisign is still trying to promote .tv in every way. These last 3 months we experienced dropping premium renewal policy and replaced by one time premium reg fee policy. We also experienced a goldrush period of some hours where users could register great .tv’s for a normal reg fee. That resulted having a massive blowout sale for hundreds keyword and geo domains  to lucky “owners”. Next move from Verisign was to start a premium .tv auction with sedo with some great domains like japan.tv, jp.tv, business.tv, learn.tv, job.tv, jobs.tv, learn.tv etc. This auction resulted with 800K in sales making a positive impact to domaining market.

As it seems Verisign doesn’t stop there, maybe trying to gain ground from all these lost years with premium renewal prices, I ve read some hours ago at NamePros .tv subforum that they are running a special promotion letting non premium .tv reg fee for half of the original reg fee(which was about $20-$35) depending on registrar.
This offer will last for the following 3 months at least.

For example current .tv reg fees are:

  • Name.com $10.99
  • Dynadot $12.99 ($10.99 if you already spent more than $500 with Dynadot last 12 months)
  • Enom.TV $20

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