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What will happen with .tv domains if Tuvalu sinks?

First of all I must say that I feel embarassed simplifying a country’s potential tragody, I hope that Tuvalu wont sink for their and our sake.
So, lets get to the point of this article; there is an urban legend saying that .tv domains will stop existing just after Tuvalu sinks making this cctld absent since its future is attached with Tuvalu’s future as a country.

I m sure many companies or individuals are hesitant to invest their money with .tv’s because of this reason but not only(.tv’s cctld bizarre pricing model gets almost all the credit).
In order to clear this myth, once and I hope for all I tried to search related info on the web and I got lucky finding some good answers coming from trustworthy sources.

As my reply in a comment I received about John.TV some months ago same question about .tv’s and what will happen if Tuvalu sinks has already been asked by a USA Today journalist Kevin Maney,back in 2004, and replied by Verisign’s spokesman Tom Galvin is that … a defunct country’s Internet domain lives on. For instance, you can still find addresses on .su — the domain for the Soviet Union.

Thats a clear statement coming from Verisign which conrols among other tld’s .tv cctld leaving no doubt about what will happen if a country like Tuvalu stops to exist physically. I should add that perhaps Tuvalu would be the first cyber-country on this planet making room for other to follow.

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