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How to get your website to be recrawled by Google

Get Google to ReCrawl your website

Being a webmaster means that you must monitor all the time your website footprint in major search engines such as Google in order to keep your serp’s in good standing.

There are times that you need to get Google to re-crawl your website in order to index your updates like for example a change in canonical links or adding a “nofollow” tag to some of your outbound links or even resolving unexpected 404’s to working urls.

Usually a webmaster could achieve this by submitting a sitemap to Google Sitemap and then waited for some days for Google to come back, visit the website and update the refreshed urls.
This approach is not that active since one has to wait for Google to re-crawl his website and that could take days or even weeks depending on how active his website is.

Fortunately Google developed a new tool that is letting webmasters submit updated or new urls to index on demand without having to wait for Google standard crawl rate to act.
In fact Google official blog post about this “new” tools states that a submission will usually be crawled within a day which makes this tool a God send gift for all of us.

If you want to test it yourself just log into your Google Webmaster Dashboard and then go to Health, select Fetch as Google, then in the new page that loads Submit url to Fetch, wait for a few seconds for url to be fetched and just after select Submit to Index.

Thats it!
Now you have to wait for Google to visit your website and update its index.

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