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If You Run a Meme Website..

Funny image and Meme related websites have become a huge thing in the online industry today. Ever since meme’s started taking off across both Tumblr and Facebook pages the search volume for these types of pictures has skyrocketed. Along with that, people can easily purchase status updates on huge Facebook pages through places like Fiverr and drive thousands of other visitors into their meme websites for next to nothing. The nice thing about these meme websites is that there isn’t much text content involved in them. You start a new website using a script such as a 9Gag Clone or WordPress with a funny image related theme and then upload a bunch of funny images. With just pictures and not much text it makes adding hundreds of funny images pretty simple! With hundreds of images and millions of different meme related searches going on each month you can easily dip into all this search traffic and pull a few thousand unique visitors per month. One of the toughest parts about running these types of websites is building quality backlinks into the pictures you post. For that, I would like to share with you a unique piece of software that was made specifically for webmasters who own and run funny image or meme related websites.

FunnySubmit is a Windows application that you run to automatically take your funny image content and submit it into hundreds of other relevant funny image websites. What does this mean exactly? Well, each picture you add onto your meme website has a page of its own. By taking each individual page and submitting it to other websites with FunnySubmit those pages will each gain quality relevant backlinks which will help every one of those individual images on your website rank higher! Check out the website and watch the short video to see exactly how this really cool software work!

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