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Afternic Reports $1M+ in Domain Sales

Afternic just released their domain sales report for last week and the numbers look surprising. The company brought in over one million dollars through domain sales last week and these numbers keep the current trend in high domain sales going for at least another week. Total sales for the previous week add up to $1,050,000 and is lead by the sale of ChillerSystems.com for $18,000. Second to that domain was MovingToAmerican.com for $13,000 and finally IsraelToday.com for $10,000. Domains not in the .COM category didn’t do so well. The highest non-dotCom sale for Afternic last week was Capezio.net for $3,388. Listed below are some of the other top sales posted by Afternic for last week.

Mobilia.com – $9,000
Certainties.com – $7,500
RentInsurance.com – $7,200
Beemine.com – $7,000
Xprt.com – $6,000
WatchFree.com – $5,500
Forex365.com – $5,500
GoWedding.com – $5,000
AlphaWater.com – $4,942
Csmi.org – $3,288
TimeMap.org – $3,200
Sefa.net – $2,488

Considering that these numbers are being posted from Afternic they don’t look to bad. If these were sales numbers coming from Sedo then I may be a little worried. Regardless, as I stated in my last post 2013 is off to a great start! Hopefully these good sales numbers continue for the year of the year.

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