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Domain Parking Companies

Domain parking is a great way for people to make extra revenue off their domain portfolios. The process of parking a domain name is pretty simple. Just find and join a trustworthy domain parking company and then use one of the options (DNS, A record, or CNAME) on your domain names to those specified by the company. Finding and picking the right domain parking company can be a tricky task. How often does the company payout? What is the minimum payout? Which ones have a good reputation and pay on time? These questions are important and you should know the answers to them before you signup with any domain parking provider. I’ve signed up with a number of different parking companies in the past and now I’m going to share only the best with all of you. Look over some of the companies below and try signing up with one or two of them. Park some of your domains with them and watch your revenue grow!

DomainApps – DomainApps has a great name in the domain parking industry and has been around for a few years now. They offer great Pay-Per-Click rates and provide both standard parking and content style parking. They pay twice per month and offer a variety of different payout options including Paypal.

Voodoo – One of the newer domain parking companies out there, Voodoo is ran by the previous owner of Parked.com. They use a Google feed for PPC adds and offer great PPC rates as well as good CTR ads. They also pay twice per month with a variety of options including Paypal.

Bodis – Bodis is another well known and reputable domain parking provider. They offer instant signup, multilingual templates, xml/javascript API and much more. Bodis offers Paypal payments and pays on a NET-30 basis. They are our third most recommended parking company!

All three of the domain parking companies listed above have a great reputation in this industry and would be worth joining. Using one of the three companies listed above guarantees that you will always be paid on time and that you will be earning the most on every click your domains generate!

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