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GoDaddy API Certification Process

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the GoDaddy API certification process but it is a real pain! You may have even found this post by Googling a question about Creating a Shopper inside Step 2 or Polling the .BIZ resourceID in Step 3 to try and find some help. Needless to say, the GoDaddy (AKA: WildWestDomains) API documentation is pretty bad. You won’t find all the examples in it that you need and it looks like it was written ages ago. Pretty crazy to hear when we’re talking about GoDaddy, isn’t it? This can be a real disaster for businesses who are paying Freelancers to complete GoDaddy API projects for them. Why? Simply because now they are going to have to pay the freelancer even more money for the extra time it will take him to code in each of the seven required steps just to get past the Test Environment certification process. It is required that you complete all seven steps including a sample domain registration, renewal and transfer. Once you complete these steps and get certified your account will go into the Production environment for live interaction.


Thankfully, if you did find this post by searching for help then you’ve come to the right place! Visit ResellerApiCertification.com and all of your problems will be resolved. This website contains sample code you can purchase and download for every step of the certification process! It also has an application available to buy which will go through all seven steps and automatically certify your account for you! Perfect for anyone needing to get their GoDaddy or Wild West Domains API certification done quickly and pain free. I’ve personally used it and would definitely recommend it!

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