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Infographic Post vs Traditional Post: Social Media Performance Report

Infographics are the latest online marketing trend, many websites are using it to reach more users mostly on social media like Twitter and Facebook.
Below you can see a related infographic that shows how successful they are with social media, data feeds taken from Bit Rebels website.

 Trivia: First infographic was created by Cristoph Scheiner in 1612(wow!) where he used a series of images to explain the rotation of the sun over time.Infographic Post vs Traditional Post: Social Media Performance Report

Social Media Stats(Infographics Post vs Traditional Post):

Facebook: An infographic post received 61 likes while a traditional post 69 likes. Thats about 12% less likes for the Infographic post.
Twitter: The infographic post was retweeted 578 times while the traditional post received only 62 retweets, making the Infographics posts 832% more popular over the traditional post.
Google Plus: Infographic post was more popular within Google Plus users receiving 9 +1’s while traditional one received 4 +1’s, thats a 125% increase.
LinkedIn: Again Infographic was the winner getting shared 51 times, about 629% more than the traditional post shares(7 shares).
Stumbleupon: SU generated 330 pageviews for the infographic post while the traditional one got 39 pageviews. Infographics once more was more popular by 746%.
Pinterest: Newly born social media of Pinterest created the same amount of views(62 views) for both type of posts Infographic and traditional one.

Top 6 Social Networks for Infographics:

– LinkedIn
– Facebook
– Google+
– Twitter
– Stumbleupon
– Pinterest

Infographic developed by Now Sourcing for Bit Rebels.

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