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  1. Hi Makis! Meghan, from Skimlinks, here. Thanks for checking out our service and writing a great review 🙂 I wanted to address some of your “negative” concerns for those readers who are interested-

    “Skimlinks JavaScript can slow down site loading time” – We’ve optimized our JS to eliminate delays as much as possible, so any delays are negligible. Also, we have the best uptime in the industry.

    “Skimlinks take part of all commissions”- This is true, but it should be noted that we’ve also negotiated higher commissions with over 300 of our top merchants, so- with some merchants- you can actually make more with Skimlinks than without.

    “You need to be accepted” – We are proud to serve only high quality sites. It’s what helps us negotiate higher commissions with merchants, which we then pass on to you 🙂

    “Not suited to every niche”- We are always working to expand our product and merchant range to service all verticals, and more countries.

    Hope that helps to explain some of the questions about Skimlinks!
    Thanks again for the great review 🙂

  2. Hi Meghan!
    Its always nice to read comments from company representatives like you, it shows that Skimlinks cares for its clients and partners.

    I’m also glad that you addressed all of the “negative” points I wrote about so that my blog visitors can read and judge for themselves.

  3. I was recently accepted by Skimlinks, and yes it does look very promising to have an “all in one” place. The cons are outweighed heavily by the pros. Besides, it takes days to apply and be approved at individual merchants, let alone the costs involved for data usage.

    And it really means a lot when employees also take part in discussions on reviews. this one of so many reviews I’ve read where a Skimlink employee actively joins in. It sounds like a wonderful program. Good luck in the future to all who have joined.

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