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  1. Martin Papej says


    can I register to amazon affiliate program if I don’t have any website yet?

    The thing is – I’ve read your tutorial how to build the amazon affiliate website using wpzonbuilder but I already need an amazon affiliate account to do that.
    But to be able to register for an amazon account I need a website up and running.

    So I’m a bit confused what to start first.

    Can you suggest what I should do?


    Martin Papej

  2. Hi Martin!
    Thats a good question…
    In order for Amazon to let you in as an affiliate partner you must have a website up and running.
    For that reason you can register a domain and setup a WordPress website(take advantage of Makis.TV free blog setup) and post 4-5 articles related to products you want to sell or review.
    When you have enough content apply for an Amazon Affiliate Account and when registered you can continue with setting up your own Amazon Affiliate site using our guide.

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