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15 years old, aged domain for sale! IMEDEA.COM

 UPDATE DOMAIN IS CURRENLY AUCTIONED ON NAMEPROS.COM FORUM. CURRENT BID @ $190   SOLD With this domain its almost like registering a new domain only this one is 15 yrs older and its listed twice in yahoo directory. … [Read more...]

Domainer Tools for finding and registering dropping domains that you should try or buy

Domaining is all about odds, everyone is trying to find the best domains to buy and pay the least amount for them. This usually happens with domain drops where some valuable domains for some reason arent renewed from their previous owner and eventually they drop in the pending delete phase and after some days … [Read more...]

Some nice .info domains ready to drop

It seems that lots of pretty .info domains are dropping these last days, below I m going to to post some of the best I 've found All of them drop at 5 September 2010 by clicking them you can see more info about them or just try to place a backorder. Any comments would be appreciated in case you try to grab … [Read more...]

OnlineFinancialCalculators.com under development

Every now and then I invest my free time brainstorming about new website projects, some times these ideas transform into a developed website that eventually gives me some nice roi in very short time after launching website. Over the years I fee that I can predict easier if my newly developed website will … [Read more...]

Google Chrome favourite extensions as a domainer

Domaining requires many clicks, alt+tabs, esc's and other keystrokes that make our domaining life simpler and most of all faster. Amongst allbrowsers only two stand out as my favourites, Opera and Chrome. In this article I m going to post extensions/plugins for Chrome that I use the most and write a short … [Read more...]