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.TV registration promotion from Verisign

Verisign is still trying to promote .tv in every way. These last 3 months we experienced dropping premium renewal policy and replaced by one time premium reg fee policy. We also experienced a goldrush period of some hours where users could register great .tv's for a normal reg fee. That resulted having a … [Read more...]

How I bought a domain for $10 and sold it for $800 in one week

Domaining is all about ROI and timing. If you want to make a good ROI you need to find a domain you feel it worths more than it currently listed for and the resell it. In order to make this search easier and more efficient many of us use various backorder or droplist tools either online or offline and I m no … [Read more...]


Eurovision.TV is the most popular song contest in Europe being also one of the longest running TV shows since first broadcast of this show was back in 1956. From that year until now contest is being broadcasted every single year attracting millions of viewers in the final night. Procedure is very simple, … [Read more...]

Veetle: Live Web Broadcasting platform startup

Live Web Broadcasting cant get any more exciting, believe me. What happens if we mix YouTube's original idea with Open Live Broadcasting platform and peer to peer  distribution system(p2p) for getting videos, tv shows and series or movies available for all users and visitors for free, … [Read more...]

Google TV, TV meets web. Web meets TV. and domain meets .TV

Google TV is the new big thing in our our digital lifes, getting all the attention from social media websites and blogs. Content providers will change the way they relate TV content and web content, in our perspective this means also using different approach on their websites and domains. Since this is a new … [Read more...]