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Veetle: Live Web Broadcasting platform startup

VEETLE TVLive Web Broadcasting cant get any more exciting, believe me.
What happens if we mix YouTube’s original idea with Open Live Broadcasting platform and peer to peer ┬ádistribution system(p2p) for getting videos, tv shows and series or movies available for all users and visitors for free, 24×7?


Veetle.com offers millions of users and visitors live broadcasting for some of the most famous tv programs such as Lost(I m currently watching Lost’s final episode using their service while I m located in Greece) or The Simpsons.
Users broadcast using their own internet connection their desired movie or tv program letting others view it for free.
If you want to use this incredible service all you need to do is download Veetle Player and then visit Veetle website and browse around until you find your favorite show or channel.

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