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Best Video WordPress Themes for 2012

Video content in 2011 achieved a tremendous growth following statistical reports showing that video converts to a sale and returning visitors far better than any text content. Every website no matter how small is trying to keep up this trend and re-design their themes into a more video friendly ones. Below I m going to post 15 of the best WordPress themes for video websites, since WordPress is the most popular open source CMS in the world used by thousands of webmasters around the web.
Choose your favorite one and convert your website into a video friendly website for 2012.

Video WordPress Themes for 2012

Gigawatt WP Video Theme

 The Gigawatt video theme for WordPress is designed to showcase users finished videos along with accompanying text.

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gigawatt wordpress theme

It comes with options of organizing videos into two- or three-column portfolio pages. A big advantage to this theme is its compatibility with several third party video hosting sites such as Vimeo, YouTube, and Blip. The gigawatt theme is also adjustable enough for bloggers to use it as a standard template with added still images instead of videos.


Videozoom WP Theme

Videozoom theme has an advantage of placing text entries next to videos rather than underneath them, which is a layout some visitors prefer.

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video zoom wordpress theme

Videozoom also gives blog visitors the option of adjusting the reading layout to their liking.


Tarnished Blog or Business WordPress Theme

Tarnished is the name of a grunge-themed layout that is has a polished enough appearance to make it appropriate for both business and personal blogging use.

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tarnished wordpress theme

It comes with a range of skins and background colors that can be changed easily to fit a wide range of preferences. The theme also supports self-hosted videos and a variety of different slide show options. Video bloggers who want to stand out from the online crowd often consider Tarnished one of the best video themes available.


This Way WP Full Video or Image Background with Audio WP Theme

This Way WP is a theme that has been optimized for mobile viewing on Android devices as well as on the iPhone and iPad.

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this way wp wordpress theme

It features full screen video playback along with scrollable image gallery options. This theme also has a highly customizable video portfolio page with thumbnails of each entry. This Way WP themes has a dynamic slideshow feature with zooming, panning, and included text descriptions for each video entry. The layout includes easy connecting features for social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon.


Foundation WP theme

The Foundation theme has a clear layout that can host either a big image or a video in its homepage making it great for websites that want to have clean and straightforward content.

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foundation wordpress theme

This theme is just one available option for purchase at organizedthemes, a vendor specializing in WordPress templates for churches and various non-profit agencies. Many of these themes can be adapted for fundraising efforts and for easy communication of activities such as group meetings. The developer behind organizedthemes has also created layouts for small business owners in artistic fields such as photography. Some of the best features of these themes include clean design and visually attractive layouts.


EcoHD WordPress Theme

Idesigneco specializes in magazine style WordPress layouts for collections of photography, videos, and other types of creative work.

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EcoHD wordpress theme

This vendor also offers blog themes that can be adapted for news, travel, and a range of other topics. One of its most popular and user friendly video blogging themes is known as EcoHD, and it features cinematic quality along with added text captions for each video.


Motion Picture VLog theme

The Motion Picture theme for WordPress has been optimized for high definition video embedding.

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motion picture wordpress theme

This theme is compatible with oEmbed that allows bloggers to simply paste each video URL into its placeholder to generate the needed embed code automatically. The motion picture theme is also noted for its attractive use of white space, though it is available with a dark background as well. Bloggers and website owners who select motion picture over other video themes find that it makes their content stand out visually.


Born Theme suitable for media websites

Video bloggers who record events for an organization can also select from other options such as the Born theme, which has added widgets for text entries and call to action buttons where needed.

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born wordpress theme


Groovy Video Theme

Another option is the Groovy video theme that has a more contemporary look with solid colors rather than the gigawatt’s vintage appearance.

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groovy wp video wordpress theme

Bloggers have the option of selecting a featured video in the left column and an archive of recent video posts in the right. One click on any of the recent videos will open it up on demand, making navigation quick and easy with this WordPress video theme. Users can also add extra information in a text widget and link to images in their Flickr accounts.


WPShow Theme

WPShow is a theme similar in function to Videozoom, though with a different default layout and a dark blue background.

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wpshow wordpress theme

This theme has a video landing page that allows site owners to feature rotations of their best work. It can also be arranged with regular text posts either as video descriptions or as stand-alone entries. The right column features placeholders for additional videos, enticing visitors to watch more once they have played through the featured video.


Wave WP Video Theme

The WordPress Wave theme is another visually appealing option with a focus on organizing and showcasing videos.

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wave wordpress theme

Collections of videos can be embedded in differently-sized placeholders, and the layout is characterized by an off-white background with prominent green text for creating video titles and descriptions.


Video Flick for WordPress

Video Flick for WordPress is available from a vendor called press75, and its main selling point is its gallery layout for a multitude of videos on the same landing page.

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Video Flick Theme

It also has a featured content widget for videos of note as well as plugins for advertisements. For bloggers with large numbers of videos to categorize, the theme has an easy content tagging system located by default in the right hand column.


On Demand WP Theme

On Demand for WordPress is a theme that takes some inspiration from Hulu’s video pages, and it also offers bloggers the option to host their own content.

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On Demand WP Theme

This theme is available from press75 and has a lot of flexibility in terms of customized page layouts, widgets, and social media connections.


Wootube video theme for WordPress

Woothemes is a source for a variety of high quality themes geared for multimedia, business, and portfolio blogs.

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foundation wordpress theme

This vendor also has a limited collection of free themes for site authors with limited budgets. The Wootube theme is the vendor’s built-in engine for uploading and playing back videos making your website a native video website with endless functionality.


Premiere theme for WordPress

The Premiere theme is another offering from Woothemes, and it also gives video bloggers the chance to showcases their work with their own choices of colors and font styles.

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premiere wordpress theme

This theme has a very user-friendly video archiving page, and its video home page includes a one-click option to keep blog followers updated by emailing them links to new posts.

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