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WordPress 3.6 backend sneak preview(admin dashboard)

WordpRess 3.6 (P)review

In these last versions WordPress is trying to improve its backend user interface making it more user friendly.

Make WordPress published a post about upcoming WP 3.6 release while a forum thread on ThemeCanyon featured a screenshot from the modernized admin user interface:

Obviously backend redesign is more clean and pleasing to eye while it gives users with high screen resolution the opportunity to make a better use of by increasing producibility.

Features added on WordPress 3.6

Custom Menus

Menu management feature was a long-awaited addon eventually presented in WP 3.0 and changed the way everyone managed menus in WP, now its time to upgrade this feature making it easier to use.

Editorial Flow

This is a useful feature for WP websites that are managed by an editorial team instead of 1 or 2 webmasters/contributors, Daniel Bachuber one of the dev’s for Edit Flow Plugin will lead the Editorial Flow feature. That said is expected that some of the Edit Flow Plugin options will be presented on this feature as well.
Hopefully from within the WP Dashboard an editor or manager will be able to track other teammates work, post comments and keep track most of the important editorial details.

Post Formats

Post Formats UI interface is new to the world of WP therefore still trying to improve its usability, as it seems WP UI team has been inspired by CF Post Formats by Alex King, WordPress.com and the famous blogging platform of Tumblr.


This is going to be one of the most welcoming features for tens of thousands WP webmasters since everyone of us experienced lost or corrupted posts and tens of hours thrown into the trashcan.

wp session expired wp 3.6 wp content locking v 3.6

This feature will focus into the following:

  • Post Locking.
  • Autosave to the local storage.
  • Login expiration warnings.
  • Sending requests to the server every 15 seconds in order to trigger receiving data events.


Post revisions will be redesigned in order to be more average user friendly than developer friendly by presenting more information on recent changes, visually.

General Conclusion

WordPress 3.6 pays special attention to the Content Editing(as defined in Make WordPress) such as editorial workflows, revisions, autosave, editing, and post formats in an effort to make webmasters or and website editors work more pleasant and efficient.

I for sure am eager to see Makis.TV running under WP 3.6, current launch date April 22nd.

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