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Domains on Flippa

I was browsing around Flippa and came across some really good domains that are currently in auction. If you’re looking to invest then you may wanna check out some of the listings below and get your bids in before it’s too late!

The name pretty much explains it all. This auction currently has two days left in it and right now it’s at $5,000USD. Would make the perfect name for an actor-related blog or search engine.

Another good dictionary .NET domain that has four days left in auction at Flippa. I could see an SEO or Marketing related company being getting this one. It’s a no reserve auction so it will definitely be sold!

Short domains are always nice. There aren’t very many CC.org domains available and this is one of them. Currently there is 20 days left in the domain auction for Z2.org and right now the price is at just $570USD! Also, it’s a no reserve auction so it’s guaranteed to sell!

There has always been a market for LLL.com domains and this one is available in Flippa auctions. The current bid is $6,000USD and the auction has 8 days left to go. Domain investors that like the LLL.com domains — This one is for you!

This auction ends in 7-Days. Three letter .NET domains are limited, but you can always find them for sale. The nice thing about this particular sale is that the seller is throwing in 40 other domains with it.

Cosmetics is a pretty big term in the United States and there is good competition out there for it. The .INFO extension hurts it but this domain currently has 6 bids and still has thirteen days to go in auction. Current high bid is $1,500USD and the reserve hasn’t been met yet. Not a bad domain for someone in the beauty industry but I personally believe the reserve may be a little high.


Happy Bidding!

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