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How to override Helvetica fonts on FireFox and Chrome

Replace Helvetica fonts Video Tutorial httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f92mOpSt7R4 While browsing websites there was some of them that render fonts the wrong way.At the same time I noticed that those very websites when accessed from my laptop worked fine and their fonts didn't have any render issues so that … [Read more...]

5 Tips Writing Catchy Articles

If you’re publishing content online then it’s pretty clear that you want to be noticed. We all write to get attention; we don’t do it to be lavished with praise (well, not all of us), and we definitely don’t do it to be criticized – we simply write to be read and the more people that read our work the … [Read more...]

8 ways to successfully promote an affiliate offer

No matter what your blog is about tech,lifestyle, marketing etc. there is alway a time where you want to try an affiliate offer in order to give valuable content to your readers and make some money out of it too. Below you can read 8 ways for successfully promoting an affiliate offer, read them, twist them … [Read more...]

Fix for ‘href URL must be absolute’ Facebook Digg Digg Like Button error

If you are using any Digg Digg Facebook Like buttons on your blog or website you probably noticed the following error: ‘href URL must be absolute’       It seems that Facebook changed the Like functions and in results thousands of websites are getting this kind of errors. Quick Fix At … [Read more...]