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Spam by Matthew Sanders

After being spammed by Blogger Andy Moore it was time that another page of mine Gadget Police gets same type of spam from Matthew Sanders email: [email protected]. If Famepack thinks that they are helping their brand promotion I must say they'll get a nasty surprise when Google flags them as … [Read more...]

SPAM: Twitter Page by Blogger Andy Moore

Soft Spam by Blogger Andy Moore([email protected]) It seems Blogger Andy Moore is quite impressed with my website that decided to spam me with the following email: Hi!I just visited your website and I’m quite impressed! I was wondering if you have a Twitter account for your business? If  you do, … [Read more...]

Top WordPress Plugins for Freelancers from a Freelancer

Are you looking to boost your productivity and maximize you revenue as a Freelancer? Top Wordpress Plugins for Freelancers Freelancing can be your dream job but this won't happen overnight, you must must give your potential clients the chance to read more about your job skills. A great, affordable and … [Read more...]

Get a WordPress Blog Setup for FREE

After offering a WordPress for free back in July of 2010 for a limited time I feel that timing is just right to repeat that offer on a permanent basis!!!! If you have a domain waiting to be developed then Wordpress is the most affordable solution(in fact its for FREE!!!) while its user friendly and has the … [Read more...]

Link your Google+ profile to your WordPress blog

Many of you may have wondered how on earth some bloggers managed to show their Google profile in Google search results about queries related to their wordpress blogs, like this one for example: There are three possible ways to do it, first one is the easiest one too requires buying a premium plugin(price … [Read more...]