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Google TV, TV meets web. Web meets TV. and domain meets .TV

GOOGLE TVGoogle TV is the new big thing in our our digital lifes, getting all the attention from social media websites and blogs.
Content providers will change the way they relate TV content and web content, in our perspective this means also using different approach on their websites and domains.
Since this is a new technology visitors must know before they even enter a website its about TV or Media so they can click right away.
Websites that can send this message just before potential visitor lands their frontpage will be ahead of the game.

We used to say that frontpage landers should be user friendly in order visitor stays there as much time as possible, now this isnt enough for TV related websites. You need to have a descriptive domain that is directly related to TV and Media content and owning a .TV domain is one of the best moves a company can make when building media websites.

Google loves mystery and Google TV wont be the exception to this strategy.
After seeing some related videos and reading some of the most famous social media websites like mashable I thought posting a quick update of the most important keynotes of Google TV as we know it until now.

Interesting stuff for Google TV

  • Google is something like putting together TV programs and browser capabilities letting you fetch on your tv screen any media content based on real time search criteria.
  • o/s to be used is Android 2.1 having Chrome as a browser
  • That means that Android devices can control your TV box like a remote controller and not only.
  • Like Chrome you can add plugins to your Google TV and use them instantly.
  • PiP mode(Picture in Picture) is compatible with Google TV
  • Pairing with phone or more than one phones is something that Google TV likes.
  • Input devices for Google TV are keyboard, mouse and remote controller.

What do you need for Google TV?

  • Service is free but has hardware limitations that you can read in the following lines.
  • Your broadband connection must be more 3MB/s in order to receive content without problems. Of course this also depends with the content you are going to view and consume.
  • If you own a Sony HDTV set then it seems you wont have any problems integrating Google TV technology by using some integrated hardware.
  • If you dont own Sony HDTV sets then expect to buy external  HDMI enabled hardware.

When will Google TV go public?

  • Generally 2011 will be the year of Google TV, until then only US consumers can try it around fall of 2010(hardware can be bought via Best Buy).
  • If you are a developer and want to work with Google right now.
  • In the beginning we are going to see Google TV api’s published.
  • All related software will be published through Android market around early of 2011.
  • Google TV will go open source summer 2011.


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