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Top 10 ThemeForest WordPress Themes

ThemeForest Top 10 WP Themes Review ThemeForest is -rightfully- considered to be the BEST marketplace for WordPress theme, hundreds of WP themes are already published while 2-3 new WP themes are presented daily. I thought it would be a good idea idea to review the TOP 10 WordPress themes as ranked by the … [Read more...]

Backlink Building Tips

I still get shocked when I look around some of the different webmaster forums and see people asking newbie questions about how to build backlinks. This task really isn't that hard to do, but can play a very large role when it comes to where your website is ranking in the search engines. Backlinks, whether … [Read more...]

Sales for March 4-10 of 2013

Domains continue to be a hot item so far this year. It looks like the week of March 4-10 was a good week for ccTLD domain names. The .DE and .TV extensions claimed number one and number two for the week, both selling at $30,000USD and above. As far as the aftermarkets go, it looks like Sedo handled most of … [Read more...]

WordPress 3.6 backend sneak preview(admin dashboard)

In these last versions WordPress is trying to improve its backend user interface making it more user friendly. Make WordPress published a post about upcoming WP 3.6 release while a forum thread on ThemeCanyon featured a screenshot from the modernized admin user interface: Obviously backend redesign is more … [Read more...]

GoDaddy API Certification Process

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the GoDaddy API certification process but it is a real pain! You may have even found this post by Googling a question about Creating a Shopper inside Step 2 or Polling the .BIZ resourceID in Step 3 to try and find some help. Needless to say, the GoDaddy (AKA: … [Read more...]